company policy

mulya group


This principle was adopted as a Corporate Culture that promotes openness in implementing the decision making process. Openness in carrying out the decision making process and openness in presenting material and relevant information about the company. The company will provide sufficient, accurate, and timely information to all stakeholders, so that those who are related to the Company, such as shareholders, Bapepam, Stock Exchanges, employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, know the risks that may occur and profits that can be obtained in conducting transactions with the Company, as well as participating in the oversight mechanism of the course of the Company.


Accountability is the clarity of the functions, implementation and accountability of the Company’s organs so that the management of the Company is carried out effectively. Accountability creates effective oversight based on the balance of rights and responsibilities between the Shareholders, the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors. Accountability reflects the application of internal checks and balances system mechanisms that include sound practices. The Board of Directors is responsible for day-to-day operations and the Board of Commissioners represents the Shareholders in carrying out supervision of the Company’s operations.


Responsibility for compliance in the management of the Company with applicable laws and regulations and sound company principles. The company complies with and complies with applicable laws and regulations, including the fulfillment of the rights of stakeholders, occupational safety and health, and avoidance of unhealthy business practices. The company is not only responsible for those who deal directly or indirectly with the Company.


Is a situation where the Company is professionally managed without conflicts of interest and intervention from any party that is not in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and sound corporate principles. The Board of Directors in carrying out the duties of the management of the Company and the Board of Commissioners in carrying out the supervisory role over the course of the Company free from outside intervention.


Is a condition where justice and equality in fulfilling the rights of stakeholders arising based on agreements and applicable laws and regulations. These stakeholders are given protection, opportunity and reasonable treatment to sue if there is a violation of their rights.