mulya group

MULYA GROUP was established in 2014 in the city of Malang, MULYA GROUP is a private business entity that has two subsidiaries namely MULYA PERKASA and MULIA KARYA PRIMA. this subsidiary is engaged in different fields different MULYA PERKASA is engaged in leasing of Indonesian project equipment that rents various types of project tools used for the construction of aids and MULIA KARYA PRIMA is engaged in contractors or office buildings. Various improvements continue to be made for development and MULYA GROUP’s commitment to contribute to the development of the Indonesian nation by continuing to provide services throughout the archipelago.

The first significant value in 2016, a compilation of MULYA PERKASA service companies serving the entire country. MULYA PERKASA then developed into a project provider with various important projects, such as the construction of hotels and office buildings.

MULYA PERKASA’s expertise in leasing project equipment that has been supported by the Company to develop further businesses in various business fields by combining subsidiaries to become independent as a business venture that specializes in development, MULYA GROUP develops subsidiaries, establishes CV. Aston stone contractor hotel.